Instagram Tips

Instagram Tips

How You Get More People To Like You On Social Media

An interesting metaphor that is also ironic can be utilized to open up this blog post. The purpose behind it is to introduce readers on how to get likes on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and any other network of their choosing without even trying. For the purposes of brevity and because this network is proving itself in terms of growing popularity, this post uses Instagram by way of example. Straight to the metaphor then.

Back in the day, no matter what generation you are part of today, you may recall just how difficult it was to make friends in the schoolyard during your breaks. Unless, of course, you happened to be one of those big boys or girls with a bubbling and confident personality and were very good at twisting their new followers around their fingers. These popular boys and girls carried weight and influence most of the time.

But not you. You did, however, figure out a way to get other kids to like you and be your friend, even if for just a short while. You saw other kids do it and you saw how well it worked for them. Or so it seemed. Once your pocket money ran out, and once you were in a spot of bother, you may have seen just how quickly your so-called friends fell by the wayside. And it was your dad who issued this reprimand.

Son, I told you so. Buying friends is not the way to go. But he also lectured his son on the hardships of making one’s way in the world after giving him this traditional welcome. Welcome to the world, son. This is how it is in the real world. Your dad may have been a successful businessman in his day and he would not have batted an eyelid when he remarked that in the business world, this happens all of the time.

In order to make inroads into a potential new business venture, it is necessary to buy ‘friends’ along the way. It is the proverbial sweetener or the dangled carrot. Today and every day, it is happening all of the time in social media circles. While large companies are able to offer their visitors great discounts, savings and specials on their burgeoning baskets of products and services, they are also compelled to make regular purchases of Instagram likes and followers.

This helps them to keep up appearances in the sense that when a financial slump is being experienced, ‘real’ support tends to fall by the wayside as well. And curious observers see this as well. It is mostly subjective, of course but negative perceptions on the company’s ability and capabilities tend to arise. Buying along the way is a deal-making art. Just ask the highest ranked public servant in your country, well, at the time of writing anyway. Because so quickly do public perceptions change, and it is usually over money.

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