Cheap Social Media Tricks For Cheapish Folks

I’m a penny-pinching kind of guy. There have been one or two unwholesome social media commentators or influence peddlers who’ve gone and called me more unsavory names which won’t be mentioned here. Young adults might be reading my post, and so they should, and I don’t want to offend anybody. That’s right, folks, I might be cheap, but I’m also a nice guy.

Then again, the old saying is so true. Why did nice guys always have to finish last? That’s the harsh reality of this highly competitive and vicious world we’re living in today. Right, all nice girls and boys, come to sit a little closer. Because boy (and girl) have I got a secret for you. As for the rest of you, well you can all just go and fly a kite. See, nice guy no speak bad words. And he no speak with forked tongue either.

But I’m really good at making a poker face. Go on, have a look. You do have an Instagram profile up and running too, I hope? Good. I’d like to take a look at some of your pic’s too, if you don’t mind. Of course, you don’t and that’s what you all want, right. For more and more people to check out your pages. But, sigh, poor old you. Not so easy being a nice guy (or girl). Speaking of which, here’s my secret.

Do what all those other nasty punks out there have been doing for years. Well, since social media became the thing. And then there was Instagram. The new kid on the block. Like that classic movie all those years ago, The Revenge of the Nerds, here’s your chance to get your revenge and well-deserved comeuppance. Do what I’m doing all the time to keep me as popular as the Hollywood stars (well, not that popular, but I’m sure you get the drift). Go and buy yourself your cheap Instagram followers.

See, popular already. And you didn’t even have to break the piggy bank. Or your mom’s cookie jar. Now, why would you want to do that. You’re so nice, aren’t you. I’m nice too. But I’m nice and naughty as well. Right, time to start wrapping it up. People to see places to go too. And lots of responses to writing up on those really lovely comments I’ve been receiving lately. This thing about buying your social media followers, likes and comments is a real gem.

It’s downright far better than waiting for the check to arrive in the mail. And that’s another thing. Learn to set up your social media page in a real professional way if you’re thinking about using your platform to market yourself and help you make the big bucks. Link your social media details to your business website (you do have one, right?) and make sure you’ve had the IT guy over to click in your secure account details so those new clients of yours can start…

Showing you the money!

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